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Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is located in Monte Rio, California and belongs to an art club from the bay area called the Bohemian Club. Every July, Bohemian Grove holds a two week retreat for some of the most powerful and influential men from around the world.

Presidents, congressmen, business leaders and various other important people congregate there for a few weeks of private, exclusive meetings and rituals. The Bohemian Club is a private, members only club. And not anyone is allowed to come to the Grove. The only people allowed are current members of the Club and any male guests they wish to bring. Many guests who are not members include entertainers, politicians and notable people from other countries.

Sleeping quarters known as “camps” are scattered throughout the grounds. Every camp has a designated care giver known as the “captain” who is responsible for the up-keep of their camp’s area. They often enlist local contractors to remodel, build and perform maintenance on the various sites.

Some of the main camp names are:

Silverado Squatters
Hill Billies
Isle of Aves
Lost Angels
Cave Man
Owls Nest

The Bohemian Grove’s mascot is the owl, which traditionally symbolizes knowledge. A large owl statue made out of concrete stands at the head of the lake in the Grove. This figure was built in the 1920’s and was designed by the two-time club president, named Haig Patigian. This shrine as served as the meeting place for the annual Cremation of Care ceremony which includes a full scale theatrical production arranged and conducted by members of the Bohemian Club.

Many heads of state, business leaders, media moguls and other highly influential people have been photographed there, but only members know what actually goes on there.

Media personality Alex Jones infiltrated the Grove one year and managed to document some of the activities during The Cremation Of Care ceremony: