Secret Societies

secret-societiesSecret Societies have been around for centuries. There are literally hundreds of different ones. Some of the most common are The Freemasons, Yale University’s Skull And Bones, The Illuminati, The Council On Foreign Relations, and The Bohemian Grove Club to name a few.

Originally, secret societies were created by the elite class to network with one another in order to enhance their base of power and help each member live a more successful and fulfilling life. Centuries ago, elite families, royal families and the heads of industry and commerce found value in connecting within private, members-only organizations. This helped them stay in power and advance their agendas.

Hundreds of years ago, the structure of human society was much more separated by classes. Today we see the same type of separation, only it’s more subtle. Many of the masses of today do not even realize that there is a well connected ruling class above them who orchestrate society in the way that they do.

Goals and Purposes:

Keeping the masses “dumbed down” and docile has been one of the goals of the ruling class for centuries. In China for example, keeping the workers on opium kept them docile and easily controllable. Today we see the same tactic with chemicals in the food supply and destructive prescription medication, and many other means.

Other goals coincide with the New World Order’s agenda of centralized power and population control. Many of the world’s leaders readily admit to being members of certain groups and are proud of their mission. They honestly think that the masses are unable to function without being controlled and manipulated by a small group of people and certain types of bloodlines.

Secret Society history

Secret societies have evolved over centuries. Some date back to ancient Greece and beyond. Many were originally formed by enlightened and intelligent people to escape religious persecution. Many of those members were men of science and practicing or studying that type of knowledge in public meant certain death in the church ruled dark ages. The secrets that some of these societies contain are the most powerful and advanced knowledge ever known to man.

Members have used this information over the years to create massive wealth, power and control. Over the last couple of centuries, when the globe has been navigated and international travel has become easier, we’ve seen much more integration between the different secs.

Many of the members of one group are now members of others. For example, the most elite and secret organization is called “The Brotherhood”. It keeps its very existence more secret than any other group. Many high ranking members of Skull and Bones, The Freemasons and other groups get invited to The Brotherhood after achieving certain levels of mastery.